Dental Implants: Wonderful Choice For A More Beautiful Smile

Many adults find themselves with one or more missing teeth. Whether they had them extracted instead of having bridgework or root canals, or were injured to where teeth were dislodged, they now realise that their smile isn’t as beautiful and that the missing teeth are prominent. While you have a variety of choices available to you, don’t forget about dental implants. They are an excellent alternative to traditional dentures and can ensure that your beautiful smile remains intact and glowing for everyone to enjoy.


Hills Dental Care believes that every man and woman should look their best. Missing teeth can age you prematurely, but can also be unsightly. Dentures, while still a good choice, may not look like natural teeth or may get discoloured faster than your regular teeth. Dental implants are designed primarily to feel and look like your teeth. You won’t have to remove them like you would dentures, and you won’t have the feeling of metal or other problems associated with dentures.

No Embarrassments

Many people find that dentures can lead to embarrassment. You want artificial teeth so that you’re not embarrassed by gaps and holes in the smile. However, dentures can slip or fall out, which can lead to a change in speaking patterns, problems eating favourite foods and more. Dental implants will never interfere with your eating, drinking, talking or smiling habits.

Protect Your Mouth/Health

Another good reason to consider dental implants is that they can safeguard the rest of your smile. The bones and gums in your mouth are ever-changing. When you have a missing tooth, it can lead to shifts in the rest of your teeth. This can result in bite changes, pain when biting, and more. Likewise, the bone can recede, which can lead to a change in your jaw and mouth structure.

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