First Impressions

When you’ve made the decision to lease office space in Gold Coast, you have gained access to a Corporate House office setup which specialises in crafting a lasting impression on your clients. A modern setup, chic appointments, and state-of-the-art technology means that an office rental from Corporate House is guaranteed to leave a good impression on your clients. But what else can be done?

First, your reception must provide an air of genuine interest and an encouraging, professional motif. This is helped along considerably by your receptionist – the best ones will put your clients at ease with a few words. Having tea and coffee available can further help to relax and seduce your clients.

Secondly, you must retain a regard for the individuality of your brand. You must have some element of the reception area which reminds the client where they are, be it subtle, or less so.

Lastly, to properly encourage positive mentalities, you may want to consider some manner of soundtrack. The Pinterest office in California is known to play relevant audio podcasts over their sound system, not at a volume which could distract their employees, but enough that one can tune in and out as they desire. This demonstrates a basic interest in the function at hand, and a continued drive to improve with awareness of modern trends.

As your friends in office space for Gold Coast and throughout Queensland, we at Corporate House wish you the best!

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