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So Many Removalists – How To Know Who To Choose?

To say that moving is stressful is a serious understatement. For most people, it is the most dreaded thing imaginable, and they would do almost anything to stay in their current location. However, if you find yourself getting a promotion at a different branch or want to be closer to relatives, you may find moving to be beneficial. To make it easier, you can hire a removalist, but there are so many available, it can be tough to decide.

Initial Enquiry

When you consider the removalists near you, you’ll start with an initial enquiry, usually online. However, you can call them to schedule an appointment, as well. They’ll find out what you require and come to your home to assess the situation. They will tell you how long they’ll need, what they can and can’t do, and will set up a time to arrive and start packing. They will also offer a price quote, which should be given in writing.

Other Options

Some removalists will not go to the home but will ask you questions over the phone or through email. They can determine how big of a truck they will need and how many packing supplies will be necessary, as well as how much manpower is required. They’ll also ask how many televisions you have, what appliances you’ve got, and more.


Many removalists, including those at Better Home Removals, will help you plan your move or may do it all for you if you prefer. You’re left free to handle other things, like regular work, family responsibilities, and shutting off your services. They can also help you pack and unpack, as well as store items until they can go into the new home or apartment.