Office Space in Varsity Lakes

Known for its affiliation with Bond University, Varsity Lakes is on the verge of a major breakout. Few areas in southern Queensland can compete with its natural gifts of beautiful lakes and a hospitable southern climate, all within spitting distance of the rarefied atmosphere of Gold Coast.

Varsity Lakes benefits from its proximity to the booming tourism markets of the Gold Coast and Burleigh Heads, while maintaining an approachable vibe and real estate market. Unlike the surging real estate costs of the coastline, the inland placement of places like Varsity Lakes has insulated it from the worst impacts of boom time, meaning real estate can be had for a considerable discount. Elements such as these are what has made office space in Varsity Lakes a hot commodity for start-up entrepreneurs, intent on hanging out their shingle with a fixed address.

The added bonus behind office space in Varsity Lakes is the nearby coastline. Being separated from the pricy real estate of the coastline doesn’t mean that one is divorced from it entirely: if you’re in the market to have a surf in off Burleigh Heads each morning, the break is going precisely nowhere. The aquatic world is your oyster, just like the business world.

Whenever you’re ready to join this winning atmosphere of businesspeople, give Corporate House a call.

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