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Reasons Why Grass-Fed Beef Is The Smarter Choice!

When you go to a grocery store, you likely see packages that say all-natural, organic and other buzzwords. While grass fed can also be a buzzword, it’s important to understand what it means and ensure that you get it. The term just means that the cows only eat grasses. The trouble is that all cows will eat various grasses as part of a regular diet. Some are fed other things, like grain, or may be injected with hormones to help them fatten up quickly. Therefore, you should consider beef that is 100 percent grass-fed and labelled as no added preservatives/hormones.

A Healthier Option

Studies have shown that grass-fed beef is healthier for you because it has higher omega 6 and 3 ratios. Corn-fed cows have a higher omega-6 ratio than cows who eat grasses. The omega ratios are essential to your health because having too high of one and not enough of the other can lead to poorer health.

Higher Quality

Shops like The Meat Store offer higher quality products that what you’ll find in the supermarket. In most cases, it is because they choose only grass-fed beef to sell. There are no hormones or chemicals that the cattle eat, which is why they’re higher in quality and may cost a little more.

Likewise, it’s important to know your farmer or butcher well. Trust is essential to ensure that your beef is 100 percent grass-fed.

Better Taste

While the taste factor does go along with the quality factor, cows that eat grasses their entire lives will taste better, even though they don’t have as much fat or marbling. You’ll still notice more flavour and tenderness in the meat because the beef will take on some of the flavour of the feed, so if they’re eating a variety of grasses, they will taste better than if they were fed corn.