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The Wagtail Brand: Many Advantages

Wagtail is a brand that primarily focuses on window cleaning tools. Its innovative products are designed to freely pivot as needed so that you always get a streak-free clean. The items are lightweight, so you won’t get tired of holding them for extended periods. Plus, they are ergonomic; thus, you won’t be injuring yourself or your employees with time. These products are designed for versatility. They’re all hand-crafted using premium materials, which means you get something that’s long-lasting. It also makes cleaning the windows that much easier.

These Wagtail products are designed for sustainability, which means they are eco-friendly. They also save time, as you can clean faster and move on to other chores. The tools do the job, but they’re designed in such a way that you don’t need chemicals. You can use plain or deionized water to get the windows sparkling clean. Depending on the model you choose, it’s possible to get abrasive microfibre pads that can scrub away dirt without scratching the windows. You’ll also find angled blades and premium rubber. Go all-natural while making the work go faster. It saves time and money, which is good for your bottom line.

World Wide Window Cleaning Supplies focuses on providing you with the best products for cleaning windows. As such, you need a reputable brand, and Wagtail is one of many. If you’re looking for a water-fed cleaning tool with a squeegee blade and microfibre pad, you’ll find it here. It’s also possible to get angle arms to put at the end of the pole, allowing you to reach awkward spaces. Of course, there are plenty of accessories to consider, as well. These include rubber rolls, various handles, and other products. That way, you can replace these components as needed while still keeping the squeegee head. Learn more about these products and what’s available today.