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Tire Sizes And Ultra-High Performance BFGoodrich Tires

For people who want the best, BFGoodrich offers ultra-high performance tires, including the G-Force COMP-2 A/S and the G-Force Super Sport A/S (W-Speed Rated). Both options are an excellent addition to your vehicle and can improve the drive and ride of your car. Each one has different specifications and has various tire sizes, making it necessary to understand a little about each.


This version is considered to be an all-season tire and can work on both wet and dry roads. On wet roads, it can stop approximately 15 feet shorter and on dry roads, they can stop about five feet shorter. It also provides more snow traction than leading competitor tires.

It uses a PRC (Performance Racing Core), which delivered more control when cornering, as well as many other features, such as G-Force Tread and UltiGrip technology. The sizes come in a wide range of 59 various options, all of which should be rolled out by the end of 2016. This means that you are likely to find one in your car’s size and specified needs, no matter what they may be.

Super Sport A/S

The Super Sport A/S is another ultra-high performance tire from BFGoodrich. They are designed to fit on sports coupes, sports cars, and even sedans. It works by ultimately creating one tire that works as three to prevent inclement weather from causing accidents. It offers year-round protection, including light snow, rain, and dry conditions.

It focuses on a unique tread, which uses three different compounds in a side-by-side pattern to provide the maximum traction in any conditions.

It comes in three sizes, including the 255/40ZR17, 255/45ZR18, and the 275/35ZR18. All three tire sizes are available in the W-speed rating, making it an excellent choice for sporty vehicles or racing purposes.

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