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Why Install A Security Screen

Most homeowners want to keep their homes safe from intrusion. A security screen is the most suitable choice because it looks like other mesh screening systems, but it is more durable and sturdy enough to withstand cutting and kicking. With it, you can be sure that your home is more protected. Thieves and intruders might still try to get inside your home, but they will quickly lose heart and go elsewhere. Therefore, you can protect your possessions and keep your family safe.

A security screen can also act as a flyscreen. You can leave the windows and doors open to attract the breeze and sunlight while protecting your house from intruders. The goal is to ensure that it has an appropriate locking mechanism, which allows the window/door to be open while the screen stays locked and in place. That way, you can control your environment, stay comfortable while inside the house, and protect your investment. Along with such, it means that insects can’t get inside the house while you’ve got the windows and doors open. You don’t have to break out the flyswatter or deal with annoying and sometimes dangerous bugs.

SP Screens has a variety of products available designed to keep your home protected from the elements and intrusion. A security screen is an ideal solution for homeowners in Australia who want to open the windows and doors on nice days without fear that a thief tries to get inside (or bugs). SecureView and Xceed are the two primary choices, and both are designed to keep you safe. SecureView does include a three-point locking system as standard while Xceed gives you the option to have it installed if you so desire. You also have other options available, such as fall-safe screens and fire/emergency escape screens, allowing you to protect your children from falling out windows and easily escape during an emergency.