Disability Services – A Helping Hand Where Most Needed

People with disabilities can do almost anything that everyone else can do, though they may need special accommodations to achieve their goals. However, it can be difficult to get an employer to see your worth if you can’t walk or to get to school when you are blind or have a learning disability, which is why there are companies out there who offer services to give you a helping hand when you most need it.

What They Do

Disability services can range from helping a student get accommodations that they need to helping employers get government funding. A student with a disability may require more time to get to class, the removal of traditional seating or something else. Any reasonable accommodation must be upheld by the school, but knowing the proper channels and how to get it done is tough. Therefore, these services are available to ensure you get what you need to achieve success in your life.

Employers may be willing to hire people with disabilities, but may worry about the other employees. Individuals who don’t understand disabilities may find it hard to talk to someone with a disability, or may inadvertently make fun of someone else. These services are available to teach current employees what is appropriate and help them understand the disability itself. However, they can also be used by the seeker of the job to learn how to build a resume, learn how to interview and determine which skills they have and what jobs for which they’d be appropriate.

What They Don’t Do

These companies cannot handle legal situations, so if you’ve been discriminated against, they cannot offer legal counsel. However, they can ensure that discrimination doesn’t happen in the future by helping you fill in necessary paperwork and finding you suitable employment or education.

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