Serviced Office – The Advantages for New and Growing Businesses

The market for serviced office rentals has boomed over the last couple of years, with new and well-established businesses jumping on the bandwagon. What are serviced offices, you ask? Well, office space solutions of this kind offer the utmost convenience, because there is no need to furnish the space, due to everything being included in the price. That’s right – all of the equipment that your business relies on to survive will be snuggled inside, therefore less money needs to come out of your pocket! Let’s find out some more ways in which serviced office spaces benefit businesses in all niches.

Flexible Leasing Terms

The more flexible the leasing terms are, the more relaxed you can feel about the rate at which your business progresses. Serviced offices can usually be rented on flexible terms, providing you with a lot of freedom. Should you decide that you want to pack up and rent a different space as your company expands, it is possible to do so with little notice.

Included Services

A typical office space might not be equipped with the things you necessitate to run a business. The same cannot be said for a serviced office, which will be available to rent with everything that you see during the initial visit. Designed for convenience purposes, the space will typically include furniture, full-time security, catering options, Internet access, telephone connections, heating and conference rooms. In addition to this, support staff and building maintenance will be included.

Suitable for All Client Types

The list of client types who can benefit from a serviced office is very diverse. Mostly, it will be a business in a new market or location that will rent a space of this kind. Companies that may be experiencing rapid growth are also known to make this financial commitment, as well as project-based clients.

A serviced office will make expanding your business much easier, so why not let Corporate House impress you with their furnished spaces? Call  to learn more.

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