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Tips For Buying Your Steak Online To Save Money

If you love steak, then you know the pain it can cause your wallet. Many people would prefer to eat steak but dislike the higher price tag. While supermarkets carry a lower-end option for those who have to have it and don’t care much about taste, most people would prefer to spend a little extra from their local butcher. Alas, butchers aren’t as common as they once were, which is why many people turn to the internet. Online butchers are becoming increasingly popular as people want fresh, grass-fed meat and beef. However, the cost can still be high, which is why you may find a few tips helpful.


Primarily, when you find steak online or even in a supermarket, it has been aged. There are two forms of aging, including wet and dry. Aged steaks are usually the best, as they have better flavour. Likewise, the natural enzymes in the beef will break down the connective tissue muscles, resulting in a more tender steak.

While aging is time consuming and expensive, it could make all the difference, so consider this and look for aged meat from your local butcher, either online or in person.


The Australia Privatised Meat Inspection is very similar to America’s USDA grading. These options grade the meat supply to determine if it is a high grade of beef. In America, only about one to two percent of the beef reaches USDA Prime standards, and those statistics are similar for the APMI. Likewise, you can also find select and choice varieties.

If you’re still worried, consider places like The Meat Store, who offer organic grass-fed beef.


While it is going to cost more for a decent steak, it’s also important to find the best deals. Many butcher shops offer deals throughout the week or daily to help you save a little money.