Warm Up The Home With Double-Glazed Windows

According to some research, about 60 percent of heat loss is because your home doesn’t have the right windows. While this may not be true for everyone, most people use single-pane glass and have a tough time keeping the cold/hot air inside the home, depending on the season. Double-glazed windows, on the other hand, can reduce the heat loss from the home. Compared to traditional windows, double glazing can be effective at keeping the house warm or cool.

Use Less Energy

This type of window could be an asset to any homeowner that wants to keep cold or warm air in the home, especially during hot summer days or cold winter nights. Likewise, it can help you save money because your HVAC system would work more efficiently. For example, if you have traditional windows and a lot of heat loss, your furnace has to kick on and off more frequently to keep the home at a comfortable temperature, which means you’re paying more. Statistics have shown that homeowners can save about 10 to 12 percent on energy bills each month just by using double-glazing.


No one wants to hear the traffic at 2 a.m. or hear the neighbours blare their car radio. With double-glazing windows, you won’t have to listen to those annoyances because they offer some noise reduction. Whether the school children get a little rowdy in the afternoon or you live near to the main road, you won’t have to hear the goings on.

What To Do

While it is possible to find DIY kits, you may want to consider professional installation from Weatherall Windows instead. They’ve got the tools and equipment, as well as the knowledge, to do it right the first time, which means you can enjoy your double-glazing windows much faster and know they’re installed correctly.

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